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Introduction to Canglang Ting
2017/4/13 16:36:31

Canglang Ting Suzhou is the longest history of the existing garden, the original for the late Tang Dynasty Wuyue country Wu Jun Jiedushi Sun Chengyou the pool hall. Northern Song Dynasty calendar five years (1045), the poet Su Shunqin purchase, Bangshuijiao pavilion, "Canglang Zhaoying" allusions, after the official chapter, Gong two of the. Southern Han Dynasty Han Shizhong had this, when said Han Yuan. Yuan changed to Miao hidden Um, big cloud Um. Ming Jiajing twenty-five years (1546), monks Wen Ying reconstruction. Qing Emperor Kangxi thirty-five years (1696), Jiangsu governor Song Luo moved to the top of the Tu Fu; Daoguang, Tongzhi years and repair, reconstruction, then into the status quo. Opened to the public in 1954. November 2000, as the world's cultural heritage "Suzhou classical garden" expansion and included in the "World Heritage List". June 2006, Canglang Ting by the State Council as the sixth batch of state-level key cultural relics protection units.

     Park covers an area of more than 1 hectare, the layout of smooth natural, clever because of borrowing, the park will be wrapped around the fengxi into the landscape; water camp at the complex hall, to leak through the window inside and outside the scene, so that both inside and outside the landscape; Not into the park first King, fascinating wonderful; its approach in Suzhou, many unique in the garden. Entrance to the land of things across the mound, earth and stone, Indocalas, ancient wood dense, very mountain forest wild. Hall Pavilion Xuanxie mountains and built, and more concentrated in the Shannan, "Ming Tao Tang", "Yaohua realm", "Qingxiang Museum", "Cuiren Long" and so on. Things have Kangxi, Qianlong two emperors of the "imperial monument pavilion." Lin water "surface water Xuan", "lotus flower water pavilion", "hoe month Xuan" and so on, Gallery Xuan connected, and water shine, since the courtyard, unique. There are five hundred temple in the garden, the wall embedded from the week to clear two thousand years with the history of Suzhou celebrity stone like 594, precious. Another flower window 108 type, pattern different, lively form, unique.

    Looking at the whole garden, the park to maintain the park when the "grass faint, Chong Fu Guangshui" features, natural scenery, simple and simple architecture, garden experts as a typical "city forest."

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