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2017/4/28 9:57:46

Suzhou's most prosperous Guanqian Street, there is a more than 200 meters long eunuch lane, it was due to the Suzhou Bureau of the Ming Dynasty eunuch who live in this name. Now, it has become a famous food street in Suzhou.


Here, more than 10 of Suzhou's most famous restaurant, the restaurant to taste Suzhou dishes: row upon row of squirrel mandarin fish and fish series, to be founded in Qianlong songhelou restaurant; and songhelou across the street and look, that is to take "satisfaction", "small", "gourmet" on floor the 3 film and the famous restaurant was on the floor, it's specialty is chicken, fish months child Pakistan lung soup; adjacent Deyue tower is the four King restaurant, to cook Changshu Baked Chicken Changshu famous dish to eat; Jiangsu famous Maple series and sand lard dumplings here. To make the snacks famous wufangzhai. In addition, we will also have Jingwei full Beijing Roast Duck in JINGWAH and mutton slices cooked in hot pot restaurants to eat at three yuan; Cantonese restaurant; in the old Xing to eat vegetables in Shanghai braised water splashing shrimp Ukraine to eat vegetarian dishes in ginseng; gongdelin......

Visitors to the suzhou gardens will never forget to go to suzhou food street, where the eunuchs will try various delicacies. "Heaven is suzhou and eat the eunuchs", a gusto that really speaks to the superiority of this gourmet street.


Su Gang

Sweet and Sour Mandarin Fish



Sweet and Sour Mandarin Fish traditional dishes in Suzhou area, in the south of Yangtze River has been classified as top grade food banquet. It is said that as early as the emperor Qian Long in the south, Suzhou will have squirrel carp, Qian Long had tasted. Later it developed into a "squirrel Mandarin fish". This dish is colored, fragrant, and has a taste, which makes people more interested. When fried like a "squirrel" fish on the table, then poured reeky marinade, it squeaked "called up", really like a squirrel.

Bi Luo shrimp


Bi Luo shrimp is Jiangsu Suzhou Han traditional dishes, belongs to the Department of jiangsu. Mainly to the shrimp material, using Spring Snail as ingredients, into the dish has the characteristics of tea and delicious, light and refreshing, elegant color. The color of white shrimp, tea with them, with fresh tea entrance, fresh and elastic teeth, a little sweet.


Water shield with a pool of water


The water shield is a traditional Chinese dish in suzhou. The va is green and green, fresh and tender, the fish is white and tender, and it is a spring delicacy.

The bristle eel cylinder


It is a famous dish which is made of rice eel and is a unique style. The eels are lined up after the plate, which is like the "spines".

The ring oil eel paste



The oil eel is a traditional Chinese dish that belongs to the south of the Yangtze river. Use fresh eels as a raw material, and cut the eel into a dub. The color is dark red, the oil is moist but not greasy, fresh and delicious. The oil was still ringing in the back of the table because of the eels.

Denticulatus lung soup


Ba lung soup is a traditional dish of Han nationality in Jiangsu, Suzhou. Because of its white belly, back schungite, striped, blow as the ball can float on the water, as a specialty of Suzhou. This fish is listed every autumn, delicate meat. Pakistan lung soup with fish liver and meat cooking, delicious Tang Qing, fish liver fat and tender, with ham, bamboo shoots, green leafy vegetables, mellow taste, guests in a continuous line.

Brine shrimp


Brine shrimp, Suzhou famous dish. Subject to food (tape shrimp) restrictions, this dish can only be produced before and after the Dragon Boat festival. This dish is red, tender delicious, can be said to be a rare summer jiapin.



Cherry meat is one of the traditional dishes of Jiangsu Han a city in Suzhou Province, belongs to the Department of jiangsu. Founded in Jiangsu, the Qing Dynasty into the palace, the characteristics of cherry red color, bright eye, Sulan plump. The bright red color, shape type, soft sweet salty, rich oil, is a good wine and food. Cherry meat is the most basic condition is to seduce, such as the meat to be cut into the size of a cherry, such as the size of the array, the color should be like a cherry like bright red, attractive. At the same time, it also belongs to one of the famous dishes in Northeast China. It is said that the food culture brought by the people of Shandong area during the period of boat moving to Dalian.

Watermelon chicken


Also known as a watermelon chicken hatching Shuangfeng, is a Chinese dish, belonging to Shandong Confucian dishes, the first Confucius chefs, with watermelon for food at the palace, "this dish is watermelon and chicken and scallops, mushrooms and other ingredients cooked, its refreshing taste, rich nutrition, distinctive taste, Kong Xiangke after the pole appreciated, chef asked what the name of this dish? The cook replied: "the watermelon chicken", Kong Xiangke believes that the method for making unique dishes, delicious taste, but the name indecent, then he will be renamed the dish Eggs with egg Shuangfeng, watermelon, two chicken chicken, then the food will become the Confucian dishes in the top grade.

Baked Chicken


Beggar chicken, is a well-known Southern Han dishes, Changshu famous dishes, which belongs to the Su cuisine. It has a long history, it is usually processed chicken with soil and lotus leaf wrapped up, with the method of baking produced a special dish. A purplish red color bright, fragrant, crisp tender board, is a private picnic, top grade gift.

Fine dew tendons


Fine exposed tendons, a Suzhou Han dishes, light taste, fine dew water is better in tendon tendon. But all stew very ripe, bright color, sauce like dew, all soft and tough and refreshing, not bad, not hard, hot to eat very delicious.

The best in all the land.


The traditional dish dish is the best in all the land of Han nationality in Jiangsu area, which belongs to the Department of Jiangsu, China in the famous cuisine in a superb collection of beautiful things, "Jiangsu" is listed as one of the eight cuisine. In Jiangsu dishes, "the best in the world" is undoubtedly the most characteristic, the most famous dishes. The taste of this dish, chicken, shrimp, delicious letinous edodes, tomato color, crispy flavor, odd ring plus crisp, is the ear eye, nose and tongue are satisfied, lively and happy, eating in fancy. In Jiangsu in the vicinity of the banquet banquet, eat stir fried vegetables, this dish is always first on the table, it is called "the best in all the land food", also called "a sudden clap of thunder".

Mother oil whole duck


Mother duck, also known as the mother duck". Is the traditional dishes of Jiangsu Su Xi Han, belongs to the Department of jiangsu. The soup is clear and mellow taste and strong aroma, Sulan meat, oil is not greasy, after the new Suzhou Jufeng restaurant chefs will be improved, with bone to bone duck duck, duck and bamboo shoots, in the belly with onion, shredded pork and other ingredients, seasoning and very fresh oil to mother (head soy sauce), pumping the taste better, still treasure each time-honored seats.

More than and 100 years ago, Taihu boat is numerous, boatman on board cooking, for tourists to eat. The whole ship domestic ducks in pots to simmer, original flavor, soup, meat Sulan not broken by the passenger, welcome. At that time, there was no official name for the dish, which was called "duck".

Just in the duck soup


The duck soup is a traditional han Chinese dish in jiangsu province. The legend of the dish originated in the tang dynasty. Characterized by a variety of materials, its flavor has the flavor of soy sauce, the penetration complementarity, so the soup is thick and sticky, the aroma is rich, the nutrition is rich, and the delicacy of the duck food.

Suzhou boat point


The suzhou boat spot is well-prepared, beautifully made, the taste is excellent, plus the packaging of the artistic style, can say the spring snow in suzhou dim sum.

Old is the main transport ships that sail speed is slow, often on a boat less said a few days more than half a month, eat natural to solve on the ship, the dim sum is for these by boat dignitaries people, so not only taste delicious, must also be aroma, soft and delicious, smooth, bright and type. In the dream of red mansions, when liu was in the grand view garden, the delicately eaten cake was the point of the boat.

The three flavors of zhouzhuang are round


One of the three circle is jiangsu han Chinese culinary, originated in the Ming dynasty shen three thousand Wan Santi, is one of the indispensable dishes shen three thousand used to entertain guests, the locals called gluten. The three-flavour circle has become the main soup of zhou zhuang people's holiday and wedding feast, meaning reunion.

The three circle, commonly known as soup gluten again, make skin water gluten, stuffing with chicken breast meat, fresh shrimp, leg of pork meat, add green onion, ginger, rice wine and spices finely chopped refined but become, cooked in chicken soup, thin skin filling. Crystal clear, collect dim sum, dish, fresh soup is a basin. Famous ancient architecture expert Chen Congzhou after tasting, impromptu inscription: picking up "jiangsu kunshan zhouzhuang na. The length of flavour and small cage package, wonton soup, the world delicious".   

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