Lesson Nine Garden Culture

Celebrities and Gardens
2017/4/27 15:13:40

Su Shunqin (1007 - 1048)

Song Jian Road Zizhou Copper Mt. County, was born in Kaifeng, the word Zi Mei, No. Canglang weng. King Yu two years (1035) jinshi. Early in the shade to fill the official, tired moved to Dali review. Qingli three years (1043), by Fan Zhongyan recommend, delegate Jixian school, the prison played into the hospital. Four years (1044) due to the paper money worship will be removed from the nectar of porridge. Five years (1045) in Suzhou spring boat. Where the three migration, with forty thousand green money purchase abandoned building Pavilion, take "Chu fisherman": "the surging waves of the water I can wash my tassel, turbid, can wash my feet", named Canglang pavilion. Eight years (1048) Rehabilitation Officer for the Huzhou history, wang. In December of the same year died in Suzhou. He is the pioneer and the standard bearer of the Northern Song Dynasty poetry reform movement. With their father Du Yan became an important figure in qingli. Su Shunqin's poetry and the same name for the Northern Song Dynasty, the famous writer, calligrapher Ou Yangxiu. The works of Su Xueshi.


Han Shizhong (1089 - 1151)

Southern Yanan (now in Shaanxi, the other said Suide County of Shaanxi province and the village), word yoshiomi. Born poor, eighteen years old in the army, the defense of Xixia active.

In 1141, Yue Fei was killed, because Han Shizhong opposed and deposed, military power, home xieke door, never talk about the affairs of state. From the study of the Buddhist Chanting, call herself cool lay, take refuge. After the break, he once lived in Suzhou was renamed the Canglang Pavilion, more Han garden.


Guiyouguang (1506 - 1571)

Ming Prefecture of Suzhou Kunshan County, Xi Fu word, No. zhenchuan. Jiajing nineteen years (1540) for forty-four years (1565), chengjinshi, Guanzhi Nanjing Taipusi Cheng, Longqing five years (1571) officer died, sixty-five years. The paper is on the eight giants, the Tang and Song Dynasties, under the Tongcheng precedent, compete with the leader of the literary world of Wang Shizhen. The author of "Mr. Zhenchuan".


Luo song (1634 - 1714)

Qing GUI de Prefecture of Henan Shangqiu County, animal husbandry, secondary characters, diffuse hall, and Xi po. Shun ye to big servant Kangxi thirty-one years listed bodyguard (1692) to forty-four years (1705) governor of Jiangsu, after entering into libushangshu. Fifty-three years (1714) died, year eighty. Little and Hou Fangcheng friends, poetry on par with Wang Shizhen, with spit and refined, the character Juan, and fine art. Good painting. The author of "Jin", "Da Mian Xi Po class release".


Wu Cunli (? -?)

Qing Han people are yellow, the word Li An, juren. Kangxi forty-nine years (1710) governor of Yunnan. Fifty-four years (1715) to the first year of Yong Zheng (1723) governor of Jiangsu, by patriarch Juan pet, "imperial governor of Suzhou Wu Cunli" poem. Edited by Mei Lizhi.


Beam Zhangju (1775 - 1849)

Qing Fujian Fuzhou Prefecture Changle County, Hong words, word Chen Lin, late Tuian no.. Jiaqing seven years (1802) Jinshi, changed rites principal, one chapter in Beijing machine, "Jingzhou zhifu. Daoguang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Jiangxi official calendar anchashi, Jiangsu, governor of Gansu, governor of Guangxi, and the five governor of Jiangsu, and also had two rivers governor, to return to. Twenty-nine years (1849) died, year seventy-five. The scholarship, Bo, diligent in writing, the author of "rattan flower poems", "Yin Pavilion Tuian poems", "essay", 70 kinds of traces.


Zhang Shusheng (1824 - 1884)

Qing Anhui Luzhou Prefecture Hefei County, Zhen Xuan words. Xianfeng in intrinsic office militia, resist Taiping army. The collar from Li Hongzhang fought between Huai, Jiangsu and zhejiang. Former governor of Jiangsu, the canal governor, two rivers governor and Commerce minister. Five years Guangxu (1879) served as viceroy of Zhili governor, and was acting. The outbreak of the Sino French war, the military life in Guangdong sea, ten years (1884) died of disease, sixty-one years, Shi Jing da. The author of "Zhang Jingda", "Zhang Jingda public memorials" with the public.

Yan Wenliang (1893 - 1988)

Word building hill, Suzhou, famous painter Ren disciple. At an early age by art, at the age of 16 was admitted to the Shanghai business hall, the Japanese painter in Songgang during the instruction began to learn painting. In 1922, he founded the Suzhou art school with his colleagues at his own expense. The spring of 1927, by the Wuxian Bureau of Suzhou public employment Canglang Pavilion keeper post, rebuilt the Canglang pavilion. After the founding of new China, the school dedicated to the country. After that, he was appointed Vice President of the East Branch of China Central Academy of Fine Arts, and actively participated in the art education.

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